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To order a print, go to Sharon's... [Secure PayPal Shopping Cart]

All of my paintings, including ones that have been sold, can be ordered as prints. The edition size for my giclee' prints is 500.

The preferred method of printing my work is Gicle'e - pronounced "ZHEE-CLAY". This is a French word referring to this high quality artwork reproduction. The colors come out clear and vibrant. It is extremely hard to distinguish between the original and the print. It's no wonder most artists use this process to reproduce their work. All purchased prints are personally signed by Sharon Ascherl.

You can either have your print done on canvas or high quality acid-free water-color paper.


8" X 10" - $35.00

9" X 12" - $50.00

11" X 14" - $60.00

12" X 16" - $80.00

14" X 18" - $110.00

16" X 20" - $125.00

18" X 24" - $150.00


8"x23.5" - $80.00

10"x30" - $110.00

12"x36" - $125.00

To order one of my prints using the PayPal secure shopping cart, go to the [PRINT CART]

If you would like to purchase an original painting, go to the [Paintings Cart]

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