Grandmama's Lesson
DIMENSIONS:  12" X 16"


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Priscilla Pinder is the eccentric of this small village nestled in the hills. She is the one to go to for help with any kind of ailment, help with your love life, or just a good cup of herbal tea with honey from her own hives. Priscilla is giving her four granddaughters a lesson on making one of her potions as generations of women in her family have done before her. Although, the youngest doesn't seem to be paying too much attention!

When Halloween time comes around, the village children like to make up stories about Priscilla, her family, and their 'witchy ways'. Of course, these are just stories to scare each other with. Priscilla does only good work. Two of the village boys have snuck up to see what is going on at Priscilla's cottage.

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